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Evolving Ecstasy

Re-Kindle the Passion in Your Love Life!

EVOLVING ECSTASY is a coaching program with very exciting topics to help you deepen your intimacy skills & rejuvenate your Love Life. Learn the savvy skills & delicious secrets to make your romance sizzle. Turn your fizzle into a sizzle! Weekly sessions make all the difference.

Welcome to Evolving Ecstasy!

For 25 years now, Teresa has been coaching couples like you to take their Love Life to the next level. Everyone who has followed her program is still happily married. This is because Teresa has an innovative approach which integrates ancient wisdom & leading-edge techniques.

This is the most exciting coaching program for couples who are ready to “level up”!

If you are longing for a deeper, higher Love, then this program is for you. Like a gourmet recipe, each session will delight your senses & teach you how to deep your bond & explore your ecstatic potential.

Discover the Secrets of Lasting Passion!

Too many people lose the person they love most because they have yet to learn the innovative skills which keeps the fires of Love burning in their home. For thousands of years, these secrets were kept away from the average couple. But now, Teresa makes them accessible to you.

Perhaps the most important “secret” is to cultivate a deeper presence of your “core essence”. The polarity between a very feminine woman & a very masculine man is undeniable. But too many couples lose that spark because they stop taking care of their “personal flavor”.

Every one of Teresa’s programs is tailored to your precise situation, to help you glow with that allure of sacred sexuality which is irresistible to your beloved. Taking time to get the support you need will help you strengthen your confidence & your commitment.

Say, “Yes!”

For Women

Your Feminine Radiance
Learn the secrets of beauty, from the inside out, to cultivate your authentic sex appeal while taking better care of yourself.

For Men

Evolving The Masculine
Deepen your masculine presence to arouse and engage your beloved while connecting on a deeper level emotionally.

For Couples

Evolving Ecstasy
Weekly sessions make all the difference when you are practicing new behaviors in your relationship to increase ecstatic intimacy.

Book Your Session

To begin, book a complimentary, 30-minute, introductory session to acquaint yourself with Teresa’s coaching style & get answers to your questions about her life-changing coaching programs, call or text us: +1 ( 8 5 8 ) 3 6 7 – 0 1 1 6, or use the form below, to request a particular date & time.

Teresa is available most days between 12-8pm Pacific (California time zone).

Evolving Ecstasy

These programs for men & women all have a 98% success rate:
Everyone who has followed Teresa’s guidance is still happily married,
even now, after decades!
This is because she focuses on personal growth,
using both ancient wisdom and leading-edge, contemporary techniques.

Business Hours

Mon-Friday: 12-8pm Pacific
Sat- Sun: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


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Office/Text: +1 (858 ) 367 – 0116
Email: Use form above.